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Father & Son Enterprises is a NC Unlimited licensed plumbing company specializing in service and repair of residential and commercial properties.

We have the capability to clean any size of drain!
Such as storm drain, culvert pipe and city sewer mains.

Licensed and insured with over 25 years experience, call us for all of your plumbing and water needs.

Licensed & Insured
Licensed Backflow Tester
Licensed Plumber
Licensed Septic Tank Installer
Licensed Well Pump Installer

* Water Heater Installation and Repairs

* Septic Systems Installation and Repairs

* Well Pump Installation and Repairs

We now do HYDRO EXCAVATING. Hydro Excavating is a safe way to dig around power lines and other types of utility lines using water pressure and vacuum to remove the dirt around these utilities without damaging them.

* Filtration Systems

* In Well Video Inspection

* Water and Sewer Line installation and repair

* Pump Crane Service Lifting Up to 20,000 lbs

* Drain Cleaning with Drain Cleaning Machines and High-Pressure Water Jet Cleaning

* Sewer Video Camera Service

* Winterizing Vacation and Rental Homes

* Hydro Excavating

*Septic Problems and Septic Rehab

* Welding Service, Mobile Welding Service and Fabrications* Well Drilling and Hydro Fracking Services (we can also arrange for your well drilling and hydro fracking needs)



We are here for all of your plumbing needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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