septic drainfield restoration

Do you have
Drain Field Problems?

  • Soft spots in your drain field
  • Sewage leaking out of the drain field
  • Toilets flushing slowly or gurgling
  • Sewage backing up into your home
  • Sewer smell on and around your drain field

These are all signs that your system may be failing!

  • The Solution to Your Problem!
  • The Drain Field Restoration Process
  • Replacing your entire drain field, Which costs THOUSANDS of dollars And extensive lawn damage.


Down the

  septic restoration    

How the Process Works.

The process begins with the probe penetrating the drain field surface area every three to four feet. High pressure air is then used to break up the biomat and loosen the compacted soil allowing liquids to drain once again.

After the probe is removed, each probe hole is filled with mini pea rock. This helps to keep cracks and cavities open allowing oxygen into the drain field reducing biomat from forming (biomat cannot form in the pressence of oxygen).


A loosened and ventilated drain field is now draining and functioning properly allowing you to enjoy your yard!

No Permmits or inspections required!

Helful Hints for Your Septic System

  • Don't be water wasteful
  • Pump septic tank on a regular basis.
  • Space laundry through the week.
  • Don't pour grease or fats down.

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